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Care for Minor Diseases


Common Skin Conditions & Pet Allergies

If your pet is frequently itching, scratching or biting his skin, he may be suffering from an allergy or skin condition. We treat common skin conditions and pet allergies, addressing both the underlying cause for your pet’s discomfort as well as providing immediate relief from painful symptoms. Dr. An has significant experience treating pet allergies and skin conditions. Our advanced diagnostic allergy tests make it easier for us to precisely identify the skin condition affecting your pet and take immediate steps to relieve your pet’s pain.


Flea / ticks/ Prevention & Treatment

We have all dealt with fleas one way or another. Fleas & ticks are more than just a headache, they carry many diseases that can affect both you & your pet. Bartonellosis is serious diseases which when transmitted to pets from fleas, can also lead to Cat scratch disease in people.

1) Ticks can attach to your dog while being outside, hiking, camping, or a walk in long grasses and weeds. If your dog has just been in a grassy, bushy area, it is a good idea to check and brush your dog. If you find a tick on your dog, remove it with tweezers and wash the bite wound, your hands, and the tweezers. Although ticks are not very common in our city, over the years we have seen a handful of cases with pets that have been brought in with ticks attached to them. 2) Fleas are also capable of transmitting tapeworms to your pets, although fleas are not the only way your pet may have gotten tapeworms.

Fleas are very common in our area, especially during the 9-10 warmer months of the year. Prevention is the best course of action to protect your pet and yourself from these parasites. We have made available many, safe, tested products for you to choose from that are generally not available from non-veterinary establishments.

Minor Vomiting, Seizure, Coughing, Diarrhea, Minor Wounds, etc.

We provide all diagnostics and treatment to treat for vomiting, diarrhea, limping, lethargy so on. We will treat all minor diseases to take care of your lovely pets. To rule out and in any serious diseases we will take tests such as Blood tests, X ray. With the art of medicine we can give effective ,comfortable treatment for your pets.  Any concerns and consultation are welcome regarding your lovely pets. Our other services include: Microchip Pet Health Certification for Travel Nail Trimming Anal Gland Expression Parasite Exam/Treatment