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Dental Service


Low cost dentals are offered at Vermont Animal Hospital. Scaling and polishing your pet’s teeth will get rid of plaque and tartar that are responsible for gingivitis and bad breath. For a routine scaling and polishing, dentals start as low as $180. Extractions and other recommended services by the veterinarian are additional.


Your veterinarian will likely recommend a dental prophylaxis (cleaning) to treat and prevent further progression of the disease. This is done under general anesthesia to allow for thorough examination and cleaning, including under the gum line.

Prevention of dental disease

Tooth brushing is the best preventive measure when it comes to oral hygiene and should be done every two to three days in order to be most effective. Start when your dog is a puppy so it gets used to the feeling of having its teeth brushed. By this time, your dog should be on a regular tooth brushing routine.